Fans of Family Guy have been left stunned after show-creator Seth MacFarlane killed off a permanent member of the Griffin family – Brian.

Viewers who tuned in to the Fox animation on Sunday night saw the likable writer meet his demise when an out-of-control car veered straight into him, before being pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

This shocking scene marked the first time Family Guy has killed off one of their main characters and echoes previously-announced plans for rival show The Simpsons to bump off one of theirs.

The plot has been met with negativity in some quarters, with many taking to micro-social networking site Twitter to vent their fury over the decision for Brian to be axed.

Some have even questioned if the show can continue without the talking canine – indeed, the dynamics of Family Guy are about to shift dramatically now that he’s gone.

Brian had an impact on several residents of the fictitious world he lived in, Quahog, Rhode Island, least of all Peter, his best friend, and Stewie, foil for many of the show’s best ‘Brian’ episodes.

And here, we take a look at 6 Ways Brian’s Death Will Affect Quahog in future episodes of Family Guy.

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This article was first posted on November 26, 2013