Game Of Thrones Casting Seven New Characters For Season 8

Fresh meat for the army of the dead.

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Wikia/Urukki Saki

We're nearing the start of a very long production on Game of Thrones Season 8, and as is customary a few casting calls are starting to emerge for the upcoming season.

The calls come courtesy of the ever-reliable Watchers on the Wall, whose sources have revealed seven new roles being cast at the moment. Although the show is now entering the endgame, with just six episodes left, it still needs a few additions across Westeros. After all, the army of the dead is coming, and it needs some fresh recruits.

Of course, we're used to seeing these calls by now, and it's often for a number of minor roles, or with vague descriptions that don't quite match-up. Last year, for example, had a call for a Priest, which ended up being Archmaester Ebrose, along with a Warrior who never seemed to actually emerge. Hopefully these ones will actually turn up.

With the show now firmly ahead of the books, there aren't many unused characters who could still turn up (Lady Stoneheart is never happening, for example), but the casting calls do give us some clues not only to the new characters, but also locations and just how long filming Season 8 is going to take (spoiler: way too long).

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