Game Of Thrones: Fans Will Recognise Spin-Off Story

There's got to be a Robert's Rebellion show in there, right?

Baratheon Targaryen

Despite some suggestions from George RR Martin that neither Robert's Rebellion or Dunk And Egg would be the subject of the hotly anticipated Game Of Thrones spin-off series, there's some new suggestion now that those story premise will actually be familiar to fans of both the books and the TV show.

Jane Goldman, who is currently creating one of the planned spinoffs (it's still likely that only one of the four will hit screens) along with Martin, spoke to IGN about her series and confirmed fans would recognise the story:

“Yeah, I think I can say if I was able to say what mine was — yeah, I think as a book reader or as someone who watched the series, you would say, “Oh, that! OK.” Yeah, it would be recognizable as a past event, but I think that’s probably as far as I can go.”

So that likely means the story will focus on a historical period already discussed or a location we haven't really been to yet. It still feels like the most likely candidate is Robert's Rebellion, the Targaryen Civil War or the war between the First Men, the Children Of The Forest and the White Walkers. And with Goldman promising supernatural elements, the latter might be the most likely, even if it will essentially retread where we've been in Game Of Thrones already.

Given that we've only got eight episodes yet to air of the main Game Of Thrones series (unless you count a leak as an airing), fans are going to need a quick turn-around on confirmation of what comes next, and HBO would be silly not to quickly capitalise on Thrones fever to whip up some easy marketing too.

What do you want to see from the Game Of Thrones spin-off? Share your desires below in the comments thread.

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