Although Game of Thrones won’t actually hit our screens again for another agonising nine months, it’s never too far away from our thoughts. In fact, ever since those wights began their march toward the Fist of the First Men, I’m willing to bet that a great many people had already cast their mind to the third season and the potential new characters to be introduced. Hell, I certainly had.

Such is the beauty of the adapted novel. Unlike series’ such as Lost, the plotting always keeps some semblance of order because the plot already exists; they know where they’re going to end up come season close. It isn’t made up on the fly and thus cannot buckle under the sheer weight of its grand plan. With a concrete source material already apparent, fans can rest easy that a crucial part of development is in safe hands.

So with those building blocks already in place, other concerns come to the fore, such as the casting. This is arguably the second most important decision to be made after the scripts, and can spark fierce debate; when speculation upon who might play who, inevitable pros, cons and oh-god-noes emerge amongst the community.

It’s a publicist’s dream; when characters already exist in their own right actors have to fit into them, rather than vice-versa. Such a situation always brings about a measure of intrigue, often operating as a mini trailer in its own right- who couldn’t wait to see Sean Bean’s portrayal of Eddard Stark, or Lena Headey’s take on Cersei Lannister? Bound up in these announcements are certain questions; can so-and-so do this character justice? What’ll this person bring to the table?

With that in mind we look forward to season three, and the most interesting castings thus far. Please note the word ‘interesting; these people may not fit the bill perfectly for their respective characters, but what they might bring to the role could far outweigh this.

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This article was first posted on September 8, 2012