Game Of Thrones Season 7: 15 Best Internet Reactions To "The Spoils Of War"

"Flee you idiot!"

Jaime Leeroy

Just when you thought Game Of Thrones couldn't get any more pulsating, HBO drop that episode, a mere fourth chapter in what is fast becoming the most tense, most densely well-written season of the show yet released. It might have been shorter than normal, but it proved resoundly that little can be beautiful, and any suggestion that we were robbed in any way should evaporate quickly with the memory of just how amazing that final act battle was.

If you've seen anything like that in a TV show before, you're either a liar or your expectations are broken, because "The Spoils Of War" was unprecedented and incredible. Or at least that scene was. The rest was just typically excellent Thrones, brilliantly written with well-rounded characters, further plot progression and some twists and turns to keep everyone guessing.

It wasn't a top 5 episode by any means, but the battle was the best we've seen. It made The Battle Of The Bastards look like a tops-off cuddle in a back alley, and if that's what we get in the fourth episode, Gods help us when it comes to the bumper final two episodes. There will legitimately be Thrones-related heart attacks.

You want a sort-of three word expression of the episode?

Here's how the Thrones online community saw it...

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