Game Of Thrones Season 7: 7 Theories On How Gendry Will Return

Gendry is finally going to stop rowing!

Game Of Thrones Gendry

"You ever been in a boat before?" "No." "You know how to swim?" "No." "Don't fall out."

With that warning, directions, and a message to have a bowl o' brown for him, Ser Davos Seaworth sends Gendry out in a rowboat towards King's Landing, marking the last time we'd see the sole remaining bastard of Robert Baratheon.

Over the course of three seasons and 17 episodes, Gendry became a firm fan-favourite. Due to his clearly good nature (and good looks), humour, sweet relationship with Arya, and a winning, immensely likeable performance from Skins' Joe Dempsie, the adoration from fans was much bigger than his supporting role suggested - and then he vanished.

This disappearance - which doesn't happen in the books - has long mystified fans and became something of a running joke regarding the fact that he is, after all these years, still rowing. Dempsie himself tweeted about the seemingly forgotten plot point back in 2014:

It's forgotten no longer though, because Gendry is - reportedly - returning at last for Season 7. It makes sense, because he's too loose an end not to be tied up before the series comes to a close, and the question isn't 'if', but when (and where) he'll make his grand return.

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