Game Of Thrones Season 7: 9 Hints From 'Death Is The Enemy' Trailer

Time to say goodbye.

Game Of Thrones Winter

After the heavy exposition and hurtling speed of 'Eastwatch' - which very much felt like a prologue to one of this season's main events by the time its finale had brought the Magnificent Seven together - next week, we get to see one of the most high-octane, exciting episodes of Game Of Thrones yet.

Jon and his fellow raiders are going North and they mean business. Unfortunately for them - as some of them should already know thanks to various visions and Hardhome - the North currently means business too. Or at least the undead army slowly walking across it towards the Wall does.

Following the grand tradition of Thrones episode 9s, 'Death Is The Enemy' (a Captain Obvious title for the ages), will escalate the tension we've already seen, putting a group of some of the most beloved characters in unbearable adversity against unfeasible odds. And like it or not, it's time to start saying some farewells to a significant percentage of that group.

It's going to hurt, and so too is watching Littlefinger playing the Stark sisters off against each other, which is set to be a big part of the episode too. Get ready for lots of emotion.

Here's the trailer in full...

So what does it all mean?

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