Game Of Thrones Season 7: 9 Ups And 2 Downs From 'Eastwatch'

"We're all on the same side... we're all breathing."

Game Of Thrones Eastwatch Ups And Downs

After the barnstorming, wagon-burning, dragon-riding thrills of The Spoils of War, Game of Thrones dials things back quite a bit in Eastwatch.

It's a somewhat necessary move, as Eastwatch gives us all a chance to calm the f**k down a little bit and catch our breath, and allows the show to gradually take stock of the board and move pieces into place for the final two episodes (how are we there already?!) of Season 7.

The show gives us an immediate answer to last week's Jaime and Bronn cliffhanger, and is then off jet-setting around the Seven Kingdoms. There are a lot of check-ins here, with some big character moments and plot developments in a rather talky episode.

It's another strong instalment in this current run of Thrones, providing excitement of a smaller scale compared to the fiery drama offered up previously. It is the first time this season where the episode doesn't beat the one before it, with a couple of slight missteps (and also just the fact last week's was so great), but it is otherwise an excellent episode in its own right.


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