Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Title Revealed [Spoilers]

This sounds rather ominous.

Game of Thrones Casterly Rock

Thus far, we've only had the titles for the first three episodes of Game of Thrones Season 7 revealed - Dragonstone, Stormborn, and The Queen's Justice - with HBO remaining fairly tight-lipped on the rest.

HBO Asia apparently didn't get the memo on that though, as their website has revealed the title for the fourth episode, and it's rather ominous: The Spoils of War.

As ever with Thrones titles, there are a few ways that could be interpreted. War has begun between Cersei and Daenerys, with Stormborn seeing her - thanks to Euron - striking the first major blow. Episode 3, meanwhile, will see the clash between the Unsullied and Lannisters at Casterly Rock, and what looks like Jaime Lannister going to Highgarden.

That could mean the spoils go to the victor of the Rock battle, such as Dany taking hold of the seat, or it could apply to whatever supplies Jaime manages to take from Highgarden (along with capturing that seat as well). It could also mean that at least one of those battles is absolutely brutal, and we lose at least one familiar face.

But there's also the more exciting possibility. The big clash between the Dothraki and Lannister forces takes place after Highgarden, which puts it in episode 4. And with that comes Daenerys and Drogon, and the big Field of Fire moment. That includes everything the Lannisters take from Highgarden being destroyed (we've sen their entire host in ruins), which would also lend itself to the title.

The episode is being directed by Matt Shakman, most well-known for It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, making his Game of Thrones debut. This looks like one hell of a way to start.

Game of Thrones Daenerys Drogon
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