Game Of Thrones Season 7: Predicting Who Lives And Who Dies

Not all men must die.

Game Of Thrones Brienne Tormund

Winter is here, and the end is nigh.

We're right on the verge of the seventh and penultimate season of Game of Thrones. While everything we've seen so far has been incredibly exciting - from the teases of epic battles and prominence of dragons to new political struggles and alliances being formed, major characters reuniting or meeting for the very first time - it's also tinged with sadness.

Thrones is hurtling towards its endgame, and that means not only will we soon be saying goodbye to the show, but a number of characters too. The Great War has been a major focal point of Season 7 marketing, and that guarantees a hell of a lot of potential casualties.

It's notable that, in contrast to recent years, there haven't been too many new additions to the cast this time out. The time for expansion is largely gone, and instead the onus is on thinning the herd. The show has a reputation for killing off anyone and everyone, and that's one it'll be working hard to protect this year, in what could be its most brutal season yet.

All men (and women, children, and animals) must die. But, to the God of Death, some of them will be saying "not today!"

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