Game Of Thrones: Set Leak Reveals Devastating Stark Spoiler

Proof that season 8 will deliver shocks and devastation...

Game Of Thrones Stark

Before this kicks off, let's get this out of the way: there are SPOILERS here. Big ones. Huge, revelatory spoilers of actual events from Game Of Thrones final season. Can't be more clear on this. If you don't want to read them, go away. Now.

Okay, now you know, so let's get into it.

Thanks to Watchers on The Wall - basically the single greatest resource for any Game Of Thrones fan looking for information on the shows - we know now a fairly big spoiler for the start of the final season. As revealed already, the Northern Irish set that doubles as Winterfell has been constructed over the past few weeks instead of being crafted with CGI, so we should have all expected to see some serious action there.

It makes sense, after all - this is the first position that the Night King's sprawling army will come to now that they've broken through the Wall and it's unlikely that they'd avoid more juicy warm bodies to convert, particularly when the Night King has unfinished business with Bran.

And thanks to a set leak from Ireland, it seems all that effort to build Winterfell is going to be undone pretty swiftly.

Watchers On The Wall have released a short video showing Winterfell engulfed in flames, which presumably means the stronghold will fall when the Night King's dragon gets there. Hopefully, at least some of its residents make it out alive (Arya surely wouldn't be undone by something as simple as fire?!) and we'll see them flee South along with Jon.

The likelihood is that this will be Episode 3's big moment, as that episode will be directed by Miguel Sapochnik who loves explosive stories, and the burning will happen after Winterfell falls. And there's a possibility that it will be burned by the Starks themselves when the Night King slays some of their army and they try to stop them reviving the fallen heroes.

After all, as cool as it would be, nobody in the North wants to see a headless Ned Stark lining up across the battlefield from his own children, right?

Okay, maybe we do.

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