Game Of Thrones Theory: 10 Hints Jon Snow Will Become King In The North

Is The Grand Northern Conspiracy coming to the show?

Jon Snow is dead. Dead is dead is dead. Deader than dead. Once more, just incase it wasn't clear, Jon Snow died, he's dead, he ain't coming back. That's all very true. Except, of course, that last part, which is a massive lie - or rather, a subversion of the truth (just a fancy lie). Jon Snow will be coming back. It's been teased by the posters, the trailers, and of course - after a summer in which Kit Harington's hair became a spoiler - he's been spotted on set. It's no real surprise that this is the case. No one really believed that we'd seen the last of him when, in the Season 5 finale, he was stabbed repeatedly by his fellow Night's Watch brothers. Nor did book readers truly believe it back in 2011, when A Dance With Dragons ended in similar fashion (although their wait has been a lot more agonising). However, while he is coming back, don't expect things to stay the same. There's little point going to the trouble of killing off Jon Snow, only to resurrect him and have him continue as Lord Commander of the Night's Watch as though the whole mutiny and murder thing never happened. Instead, there should be far grander plans. And that's where this epic fan theory - The Grand Northern Conspiracy - comes into play. Stating that the Northern Lords are plotting to raise Jon to be King in the North, it's vast in scope yet also totally plausible. Through both the books, the five seasons of the show, and what we know about Season 6, there are plenty of clues that this theory will become a reality. Spoilers are coming.
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