Girls Season 2: 5 Reasons You Must Watch

It seems that anyone with a brain and access to the Internet has an opinion on Lena Dunham’s HBO show…

Maggy van Eijk



It seems that anyone with a brain and access to the Internet has an opinion on Lena Dunham’s HBO show Girls, the show that won two Golden Globes for best actress and best comedy series. Girls has inspired cultural debates, witty think pieces, fashion statements, Twitter wars and so on. Whether you love the show and hail Lena Dunham as a feminist icon with a cool pixie hair cut or you think that the show is nothing more than a self-obsessed pile of dirty Urban Outfitters underwear you cannot deny the effect it’s had – people are talking about Girls.

Season 1 left us with many loose ends: from a whirlwind wedding to best friends throwing household items at each other but now, finally, the wait is over: on the night of the Golden Globes Girls Season 2 descended upon us. Once again viewers had laptops balancing on duvets as they hammered out their opinions onto their keyboards, and the overall consensus seems to be that Season 2 Episode 1 is pretty good.

Whilst you won’t find me joining Dunham on the toilet eating cake in my birthday suit I do see the show’s value and appeal. It’s a show for people who have always wanted to see a female Superbad or a Sex and the City where skinny margaritas and Manolo Blanhinks are swappped for Converse and oversized cupcakes. And frankly, I’m relieved that the first episode of Season 2 reminded me why I love the show so much.

Where else do you get lines like:

Do you miss your hymen?

Season 1 was all about that graduate slump, about twenty-somethings trying to find themselves in the deep dark pool of unemployment, dead end relationships and debt. This season is going to tell us that they’ve been searching in the wrong places: their fragile barely-there identities will be questioned; some may blossom into adulthood whilst others will forever remain selfish and whiny, eating cupcakes in the bathtub (may add that I think we should always eat cupcakes in the bathtub. Even when we’re like super successful).

This article will address some of the problems that Season 1 raised whilst also, hopefully convince you that Season 2 is worth your time.

Let’s proceed.