Spin-offs – largely they don’t work, they don’t capture the same kind of fervour as the original and people turn off before the first season’s even finished airing. Some, however, do – look at Angel, the dark, brooding successor to Buffy, for example. It worked because it didn’t try to be Buffy and became its own creature. Sadly spin-offs are dying a death and are relegated to reality starlets and such, but I personally think one for a show that is juggling too many characters and ideas to ever really focus on them could do with one. Enter Glee.

Glee isn’t largely a bad show – or at least it wasn’t when it began in 2009 and enraptured audiences on a global scale, leading to massive exposure and a massive all-singing, all-dancing arena tour. Unfortunately, the show began to become sloppy in its consistency and storytelling, often having characters transforms from angels into monsters within the space of a single episode and forget lead characters for entire chunks of episodes. Season Four, the current season, is a bit of a mess frankly and without a damn fine bit of plotting, it looks set to get even sloppier.

Mainly though it’s the characters who are suffering. They’re simply not being justice by only having two minutes every four episodes to either mention or address their current situation or status if they fall outside the core of favoured characters. So, here are my top 5 Glee spin-offs (some serious, some light-hearted) that could have helped address this issue and which we’d have loved to have seen…

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This article was first posted on March 18, 2013