GLOW Review: 7 Ups And 2 Downs

Netflix's Alison Brie-starring ladies wrestling series is body slamazing.

GLOW Netflix Alison Brie

The 1980s were a boom period for professional wrestling; the Golden Age. But while WWF rose to dominance and stars like Hulk Hogan were commanding TVs morning and night, there was something rather different happening too.

In 1986, during this peak period, another promotion was founded: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, or G.L.O.W.

The women's wrestling promotion was mostly made up of those looking to break into other industries - actresses, models, dancers, stuntwomen - and focused on OTT sketches and colourful characters.

That was the 80s, this is 2017 - and GLOW is back, sort of. It's that little slice of 80s wrestling Netflix have taken inspiration from for their latest original series, which stars Alison Brie as a struggling actor who gets a job on the fledgling show.

One exchange between two key characters goes as follows: "The problem is, you think wrestling is stupid." "It is stupid, isn't it?" comes the response.

It nicely encapsulates the challenge facing the show. Can it appeal to wrestling fans and those who think it's 'stupid' alike? Can it balance being silly and over-the-top with more serious drama, and juggle its ensemble cast?

GLOW, which is now streaming (I got to see all 10 episodes prior to airing), doesn't pull off every move it attempts, but for the most part it is worthy of being Netflix's main event.


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