GLOW Season 2: Ranking Every Character Worst To Best

Which stars GLOW brightest?

Glow Season 2

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling have returned to Netflix with a second season that's even better than the first. With fun in-ring action and riveting drama out of it, served up in a gloriously weird 80s package, the series remains one of the finest offerings on the streaming service.

At the core of its success are the characters, which are compromised of a zany band of misfits, ranging from failed actresses to wannabe stars and brilliantly portrayed by GLOW's stellar cast, led by Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, and Marc Maron.

However, like with most wrestling promotions (and indeed TV shows), there's a clear hierarchical structure to GLOW's roster that means not everyone gets equal time to shine. Balancing its ensemble is one of the only things it struggles with, even if there's not really a bad character among the bunch, but when they do get a moment in the spotlight they tend to shine brightly.

17. Reggie/Vicky The Viking

GLOW Vicky The Viking

Reggie, aka Vicky the Viking, is oft the overlooked member of the group. While the rest all get at least a small moment, Reggie mostly just seems to exist in the background.

Her gimmick doesn't give much to work with, and while there's nothing wrong with Marianna Palka's performance, there's just not really a lot for the character to do.

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