Hannibal: 6 Reasons It Should Come Back (And 4 Reasons It Shouldn't)

Should Hannibal rise from the ashes, or wade into the quiet of the stream?


It's been two years since NBC's Hannibal concluded, yet the show still refuses to exit the minds of its dedicated fanbase, entertainment journalists, and, most importantly, its creator. When the season three finale of Hannibal (which would also prove to be the series finale) aired in 2015, no one was really ready for the show to end, least of all Bryan Fuller.

Fuller had much more planned out and fought tooth and nail to keep the show running, to no avail. Even so, he still hasn't given up hope. He is constantly talking about a potential revival and how great he believes it could be. Moreover, he also has a good amount of support in the matter, which makes sense considering the quality of the show.

It's undeniable that another season of Hannibal would be more than welcome for fans, but unfortunately, it's not that cut and dry. Sure, there are plenty of reasons why a revival would work out, but there are also a few obstacles the show would have to overcome along the way.

Let's weigh both sides of the issue, starting with the reasons it should return.


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