Happy Together Season 1: 3 Ups & 1 Down From 'Scrubbing'

The Harry Styles-inspired sitcom comes into its own.

Happy Together Season 1 Ep 2 Ups Downs

Contains spoilers from Happy Together Season 1, Episode 2.

Last week's Happy Together premiere largely focused on establishing the status quo of the Harry Styles-Inspired sitcom. The laughs are multiplied in the subsequent instalment, which is an episode that explores the central characters in much more detail.

This week, Jake and Claire continue to adjust to their new normal, and they come to the realisation that living with a pop star can have negative side-effects - like how irrelevant you can feel. In an attempt to stay cool, the pair take a page out of Cooper's book and adopt a minimalist lifestyle, scrubbing their home of all their unused belongings. This not only results in some great comedic moments, but it's also a great source of conflict, as Jake and Claire discover that letting go of the past is much harder than they thought.

Happy Together is far from perfect, but there is plenty to love about the CBS series. There's no doubt that it's headed in the right direction and, should it be able to hold on to its viewing audience, it has the potential to stick around for quite a while.


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