How BoJack Horseman Became The BEST Netflix Original Series

Back in the 90s..

bojack horseman season 5

BoJack Horseman didn't debut to great acclaim. When it was released back in 2014, the first season received lukewarm reviews, being praised for its humour but with critics noting that it didn't do much to stand apart from other, superior animated comedies.

Four years on from that point, with its fifth season now available on Netflix, it's a critical darling, if not a commercial hit. Although the elements that make BoJack so great are faintly visible in that first season, the way it's honed its characterisation and storytelling over the last few years is something to behold.

The show could quite easily have relied on being a comedy first, with its zany concept and meta sense of humour enough to power a typical Netflix Original Series to a solid if unspectacular showing. But BoJack Horseman isn't a typical Netflix Original.

While the streaming service have ramped up their output in the last couple of years, and had some internet breaking hits and huge awards contenders like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Daredevil, and Stranger Things, BoJack - the animated comedy featuring anthropomorphic animals - has turned into Netflix's greatest achievement to date.


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