How I Met Your Mother Finale: 5 Reasons Why Ted And Robin End Up Together

How I Met Your Mother is about to enter its ninth and final season, with all twenty four episodes being…

James Brown


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How I Met Your Mother is about to enter its ninth and final season, with all twenty four episodes being set at Barney and Robin’s wedding. Well, supposed wedding. Sure, they’ll probably get married because this is TV and we like to go out on a happy ending. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll stay together. Why?

Ted. Ted is obviously going to factor in somewhere. There are unresolved feelings between he and Robin that are bound to come up. Everyone is focused on Ted’s relation to the mother, overlooking the possibility of him interrupting Barney and Robin’s upcoming nuptials. It will happen, and here’s why:


5. Lack Of Development In Barney And Robin

Discerning readers, let me direct you back to a point I made in one of my previous articles ‘10 TV Losers Who Never Should Never Have Got The Girl‘. I was arguing that Barney and Robin couldn’t possibly end up together because of the lack of attention they’ve received as a couple. I don’t mean to be that guy, but… to quote myself:

“The show uses Barney as a supporting player, in that you can’t help but feel he’s playing second fiddle to Robin, in terms of emotional screen time. We get to see how she’s taking the relationship and all that, but Barney is relegated to cheap tricks, lies and laser tag”.

I stand by that point. The upcoming ninth season will focus entirely on Barney and Robin’s wedding, but the relationship between them is underdeveloped, so much so that we can’t take it seriously. On the other hand, Ted and Robin have had eight seasons of will they, won’t they. If anything, their relationship is overdeveloped. With this being the final season of How I Met Your Mother, it’s painfully clear that Ted and Robin’s underlying feelings will resurface, in one way or another.