How Well Do You Know Seinfeld Quiz?

It's a quiz about nothing.


Seinfeld may be a show about nothing, but that doesn't mean a LOT didn't happen during those nine seasons of 180 episodes. Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer got up to some wacky hijinks in and around that apartment, but how well do you remember this classic series from the '90s?

Seinfeld was an important television series for much of the world in that it helped refine and define the modern sitcom. No longer would viewers agonize over the "will they or won't they" mantra of evening television since it was readily apparent they wouldn't, they didn't, and then never needed to.

What mattered on Seinfeld were the jokes, the silly situations, the crazy characters, and how strangely relatable it was to all of our lives. Given the series had such a lasting impact, you should be able to knock this quiz out of the park... but be forewarned, this is no easy quiz!

Only the most skilled Seinfeld fan could possibly score 100% so have at it and try your best on this Seinfeld quiz!

1. What Holiday Did Frank Costanza Invent?


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