On tonight’s WWE Raw as the fall-out from the Night of Champions PPV is played out, movie star Hugh Jackman will act as “Guest Host’ to promote his new blockbuster movie Real Steel but as is often the case when celebrities make appearances in wrestling, which superstar is going to confront him for a stare down?

Could it be one of either two of the new World Champions – Mark Henry (a heel so more likely) or John Cena (a bigger name and would make for better television), or a mid-carder who it won’t hurt so much if he came off second best against Jackman (remember the film star is there to promote his movie and Disney won’t want him coming off weak at all), or even CM Punk who we’ve certainly seen whine and complain all summer long and after he lost the NO DQ match to Triple H last night will probably have lengthy time on the mic tonight!

Whatever the case tonight’s WWE Raw SuperShow is being setup to be a big one with the next PPV Event Hell in a Cell only a fortnight away and matches will need to be setup for it tonight.

After Raw’s worryingly low 2.7 rating last Monday night it does look like WWE have pulled out all the stops to improve their rating tonight. Will you be tuning in?

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This article was first posted on September 19, 2011