First Soderbergh, then Pitt, now this? Hugh Laurie, of that doctor show fame, has stated that he will be leaving television after the plug is pulled on House. In an interview with The Daily Record Laurie admitted that he has had enough of television, and that it has mostly had enough of him. “I think I have been rather spoiled here. I can’t imagine there will be another one quite like this,” said Laurie adding only that he is “no longer a desirable commodity for TV,”

Most of you probably remember Laurie from  A Bit Of Fry & Laurie which he starred and co-wrote with Stephen Fry. Some of you might even remember The Cellar Tapes, which were both immensely funny and well fleshed out comedy shows. That makes this almost too hard a pill to swallow. Laurie really is a gift to television and his ability to get inside the head of his characters makes him always riveting to watch (nominated six times for an Emmy anyone?).

Ok, now take a deep breath. Laurie stated that he is in no way quitting acting, and that he may in fact be more interested in pursuing more roles behind the scenes, producing, directing and writing. And after the release of his hit album Let Them Talk, a hard hitting homage to New Orleans blues, Laurie wants to keep the dreams of being a rockstar alive.

So let’s take this news in stride, it seems like a positive step forward more than anything. Truth be told, Hugh Laurie may be typecasting himself to American audiences by slipping more and more into the role of Dr. House. I’d personally like to see him get more into writing some stuff and it will be interesting what he can do in the director’s chair. All I can say is, Hugh Laurie has only wowed me up to now, I don’t expect anything less.

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This article was first posted on November 29, 2011