Iron Fist Season 2: 17 WTF Moments

6. Davos Punches A Guy's Head Off

Iron Fist Season 2 Davos

When Davos arrives at the Bayard Community Center to take on, well, anyone who gets in his way, he finds himself facing off against Sherry Yang's (Christine Toy Johnson) bodyguard Liu (Andrew Cao).

Though Liu puts up a damn fine effort against the Iron Fist-infused Davos, he eventually ends up with one of his own sickles embedded in his chest.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Davos decides to finish the job in suitably brutal fashion, by punching him so hard he decapitates him.

Though we obviously don't see the grisly result, the implication is clear from the thud of an object hitting the ground (his head), the arterial spray on the wall and the careful framing that obscures the remains of Liu's head. Nasty.

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