Iron Fist Season 2: 17 WTF Moments

5. BB Dies

Iron Fist Season 2 BB Dead

The season took a surprisingly ruthless approach to killing off multiple young men who dared to question Davos' crusade, none more affectingly than BB (Giullian Gioiello), a member of Ryhno's (Jason Lai) gang who initially fell in with Davos, though ultimately struck up a rapport with Colleen Wing.

When he decided to question the worth of their actions following Ryhno's death, he was stabbed in the chest for his troubles by one of Davos' zealots, Crank (Sky Lakota-Lynch).

Colleen arrived just in time to see her new pal mortally wounded, prompting her to battle Davos' young goons and subdue them until the police arrived. Rest in peace BB, we hardly knew ye.

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