It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 12: Ranking Every Episode From Worst To Best

The sun never sets on the city of Philly, it seems. Not even after a decade.


Even in Season 12, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's trademark mix of dark humor, relentless cynicism, and morally bent main characters is still going as strong as ever.

With the twelfth season wrapping up only a few days ago and a thirteenth just over the horizon, it's safe to say that this format has more than captivated audiences. After all, it's not often a show stays on television for this long unless it's doing something right.

It's a great show that, despite its crude nature, has clearly had a lot of care and love put into it by its stars and creators, and Season 12 was certainly no exception. The season didn't quite live up to the ratings threshold established by its predecessors, which is frankly a massive shame; the newest season of It's Always Sunny more than had its fair share of gems.

However, while none of the episodes this year were poorly made or objectively bad per se, some were definitely much better than others.

10. Old Lady House: A Situation Comedy


While this episode was fine and anything but a bad watch, it was still definitely the weakest of the season. The funniest thing about the episode was the premise itself; that being the gang setting up hidden cameras in the shared home of Mac and Charlie's respective mothers, with the intent to catch the former abusing the latter.

What happens instead, however, is them beginning to make their own sitcom out of the two older women's bitter feud; complete with a title sequence and laugh tracks.

This was a great set-up; however, the actual comedy of this episode was just a bit lukewarm. There were a few money bits, such as the gang looking on and laughing at the live feed with snacks, Dee desperately trying to become a part of the show, and Mac attempting to coach his bitter mother into being a better character to no avail.

However, it lacks any true laugh out loud moments up until the inevitable chaos that ended the episode, with the entire operation falling apart in grand fashion.

In the midst of the chaos and questionable decisions, the gang's bent sense of human empathy was on full display with some comical results. Entertaining, yes, but not enough to save this rather disjointed episode from the bottom spot of this list.


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