Jessica Jones Season 2 Casting Breakdown Hints At New Marvel Characters

Work on Season 2 is underway, and now we might know which new faces to expect.

Jessica Jones Paladin Typhoid Mary

Production is now underway on the second season of Jessica Jones, and now we've got some casting breakdowns that hint towards the new characters we can expect to turn up.

Courtesy of The Hashtag Show and MCU Exchange, four roles have been revealed, teasing the new characters who'll be joining the returning faces such as Jessica (Krysten Ritter), Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor), and Malcolm Ducasse (Eka Darville). As follows:

Dr. Kirby: 60’s, male, open ethnicity, scientist, free thinker – Series regular for 1 season
Presley: Late 30’s, male, African American, intelligent, driven, self-assured – Fractional series regular
Oliver: 34-38, male, Latino, artistic, paternal, smart, scruffy and hip – Series regular
Ingrid: Early-mid 30’s, 5’8-5’11, female, dark hair, attractive and edgy, has a history of living on the streets. Educated as a nurse, but streetwise. She is attracted to both men and women – Series regular

Obviously it's early days and they can change depending on casting and the direction things go in, but there are clues as to who they may be (assuming they aren't new creations, anyway). Both sites have come to the same conclusions of possible identities.

This speculation suggests that Dr Kirby is actually Dr Karl Malus, founder of the Institute for Supernormality Research and a manipulator of human genetics. There's a good chance he'll be heading up the mysterious IGH here, the organisation that gave Will Simpson his powers (with Nuke set to be a villain in Season 2, this makes lots of sense) and quite possibly Jessica hers as well.

For Presley, it could well be Paladin, aka Paul Denning. A mysterious P.I. who has had plenty of contact with the Defenders and Heroes for Hire, he too seems a good fit.

The last two aren't quite as obvious, and feature a bit more guesswork. For Oliver, it could be Otis Johnson, a character with cloes ties to Misty Knight and Colleen Wing. He basically has the same powers as Luke Cage though, so you'd imagine these would need to be heavily changed. As for Ingrid, they're speculating it might be Ian Soo, a bisexual character introduced in a recent Hellcat comic, or Typhoid Mary, a Daredevil villain with multiple personalties that can lead to a variety of powers.

Interestingly, none of these match up with the one bit of confirmed casting for Season 2, that of Janet McTeer, although they could always be someone linked to her, or deliberately misleading.

Jessica Jones is expected to be released sometime in 2018.

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