Krypton Season 1: Ranking Every Major Character From Worst To Best

There's more to the legend, but who made it worthwhile?


Among all the superhero-based DC television shows currently on the air, such as Arrow, The Flash, Black Lightning, and Supergirl, Syfy has decide to give us something a little bit different: Krypton.

Set roughly two-hundred years before the birth of Superman (aka Kal-El), Krypton focuses on Clark Kent's biological grandfather, Seg-El, and provides an all-new look at what the titular planet's society was like before being destroyed.

Rather than be all about superpowers and secret identities, Krypton is a drama that focuses on the story of an oppressive government ruled by a religious zealot, politicians vying for control, terrorist organizations, the inner-workings of the planet's guilds and houses, and an alien threat that most people can't even begin to comprehend.

While a few members of Krypton's cast are taken straight from the DC comics, the majority is made up of brand-new characters. In conjunction, these two subsets work together in an attempt to venture into previously uncharted territory and add a whole new layer to the iconic Superman mythos.

So, let's take a look (with spoilers) at which characters aren't very likely to make much of an impact outside the show, and which have the potential to make a lasting impression on the DC universe for years to come.

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