Legion Season 2: Ranking Every Character From Worst To Best

Sorting Legion's legion of lead characters...


Legion season 2 has now completed, and it looks like fans will be debating its relative worth until season 3 rolls around in 2019. Unlike the short and sweet (well, OK, more like a mix of savoury and sour) first season, the X-Men show's sophomore run somehow felt both bloated and lacking in enough plot to sustain its 11 episodes. In short, the series' unique sense of style arguably superseded its substance this time around.

That said, there remained much to enjoy, including several standout episodes (the finale, in particular) that proved showrunner Noah Hawley can still knock it out the park. A key ingredient of Legion's success is also its impeccable cast, full of talented performers that genuinely deserve an Emmy for their work. Even if the storylines were a little uneven this year, characters like David, Syd, Lenny and the Shadow King himself were never less than entertaining to watch.

On the other hand, some of the show's supporting cast were consistently underutilised - including characters we have known since season 1 and some other quirky additions to the cast that were meant to add some spice to season 2. So to out of this legion of lead characters, let's see which worked and which didn't.

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