MacGyver Season 3 Premiere: 8 Ups & 2 Downs From 'Improvise'


8. Mac Is Sticking To His Guns (And So Are The Writers)

MacGyver Plane

Network television series' are often terrified of deviating from their formulaic conventions. In a day and age when ratings are so fickle, however, this is completely understandable, even if playing it safe can be a turn off. Believe it or not, a deviation from the norm is actually what a lot of viewers crave, as it makes the show in question feel fresh and, ultimately, exciting again.

MacGyver made a bold move by having its protagonist quit his day job in the second season finale, and it would've been the safe thing do to undo this decision in the premiere. However, this isn't the case here at all. Mac doesn't want to return to his work, as he's moved on. The only reason he eventually does is because he discovers that Jack is in danger.

The emotional conflict here is superb, as the character is caught between his old world and his new world. A clever move on the writers' part. The events of the episode do little to change Mac's mind either, as after the mission is complete, he's all set to return to Nigeria. It would've been contrived had he decided to stay, especially after all of the emotional stuff he endured in the previous season. Strong writing and characterisation from Peter M. Lenkov & Craig O'Neill.

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