Marvel's Iron Fist: 10 Things That Must Happen In Season 2

Just put him in the costume already!


While the show has its supporters, Iron Fist is probably the first failure of the acclaimed Netflix Marvel Universe – and, arguably, it’s the biggest disappointment of the MCU as a whole.

Unlike its predecessors – Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage – Iron Fist missed the mark in just about every way. The series did admittedly have its moments but, overall, it suffered from a meandering narrative, a severe lack of comic book elements and was laboured with a whiny protagonist who was often difficult to root for.

We will shortly be seeing Danny Rand again in this summer’s anticipated mini-series The Defenders, but what does the future have in store for Iron Fist after that? A second season has yet to be confirmed, so it is possible that Marvel/Netflix will cut their losses and cancel the show.

On the other hand, season one clearly laid the groundwork for a follow-up run so it would be very surprising if the studio leaves all those threads hanging.

If the show does get a second season, though, it needs to make some significant changes - remove this, improve that, stick a dragon in there... – if it is to pack the punch that it should have done in its debut season.


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