Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 2: 29 Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

With great power comes great Easter Eggs...

Jessica Jones Easter Eggs

Now that the dust has settled on Jessica Jones' second season and most people who are planning to watch it will have shotgunned all thirteen episodes, it's time to start really picking over the show's bones. Several things will have occurred to most fans: firstly, wondering why there needed to be 10 episodes when a couple were filler (AS USUAL); secondly, wondering why that great villain was used so sparingly; and thirdly questioning the overall snail pace.

But the show did pick up towards its climax with some tense moments and some genuinely good action. It's just a shame that it wasn't an improvement on the first season and that they toned down the noir features so much. That was nothing more than a recipe for surrendering some of the show's personality.

Even with the problems with story and dialogue, there's still the usual pleasure in picking apart the show for Easter Eggs and references, though this time out it's a little more understated than usual.

Despite this being a Marvel Netflix show, there's no corridor fight. And nor is there an appearance by Claire Temple. So it feels a little... incomplete, to say the least. Overall, there weren't as many as in previous Netflix seasons, but there was definitely a lot of Easter Eggs, gags and references still in there...

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