Marvel's Luke Cage: Ranking Every Major Character From Worst To Best

Harlem's finest (and Harlem's worst)...

Luke Cage Characters

Luke Cage is a hell of an achievement: not only is it a brilliant comic book TV show with a spectrum of depth not possible in the shorter feature run-time of the mainline MCU, but it's also a modern blaxploitation epic with the kind of political muscle that NWA would kill for.

Inevitably, the show's 13 episodes are full of characters across a broad spectrum too: there are pantomime villains, pulpy, even noirish heroes, delicious anti-heroes and a supporting cast of some of the comic's most famous characters.

True, some are redrawn entirely from what they were on the page, but stunningly almost all of those who are subject to the most changes are among the best characters in the entire show. That's not just good writing, that's incredible. But how do the characters rank? Who is the most watchable? Who could have been cut entirely? Those are the important questions here.

Not included are the side characters who did little more than advance the plot (like the three hoods who double cross Cottonmouth and end up dead or Lonnie the mostly mute youngster).

So how do the other characters rank?

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