Marvel's The Defenders: 8 Things That Must Happen

Please, please, please get rid of the Hand...


We are now just a few weeks away from the arrival of a TV event that Marvel fans have been counting down to for years: The Defenders, the eight-part miniseries that will bring the four heroes of the Netflix corner of the MCU together for the first time. Because of how long it's been anticipated, there's a lot we need to see when it does arrive.

The series has to live up to the higher-quality of the earlier seasons of the Marvel-Netflix union. After all, it is largely agreed that Daredevil season one and Jessica Jones are superlative shows, whereas Daredevil season two and Luke Cage were slightly more mixed (and let’s not even get onto the subject of Iron Fist).

Then there's the mammoth task of wrapping up everything that has been building up over the past five seasons in a satisfying way. Don't forget, there are plot threads that will be explored in The Defenders that we have been waiting to be answered since the very first episode of Daredevil.

Thankfully, early critical reactions are now in so we have an idea of how the series will play out – and it’s a relief to say the reviews have been largely positive, if with some reservations. Hopefully, that means that means the whole season is strong, and we get to see all of these happen.


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