Marvel's The Defenders Assemble In New Teaser, Premiere Date Revealed

It looks like the superhero team-up is coming to Netflix on August 18.

The Defenders

With Iron Fist out of the way, it's time to get excited about The Defenders.

The solo adventures of Danny Rand may not have been well received, but his introduction has been an important part of the process nonetheless, bringing the last Defender to our screens.

He's ready to team-up with Jessica Jones, Matt Murdock, and Luke Cage, and now we know just when that will be.

In a brief teaser trailer (that was released and then pulled from YouTube by Netflix, though other versions have since appeared) we see (via security footage) the four come together at the offices of Midland Circle (as revealed a little while back) and take an elevator ride together.

For unknown reasons Danny is looking out-of-breath, while Matt is trying his best to hide his identity in a makeshift mask. More pertinently, though, is the timestamp when Jessica Jones punches the camera: 08:18:20:17, or rather August 18, 2017.

That's when we can expect the hotly-anticipated eight-episode event series to hit Netflix, news backed-up by The New York Bulletin (the newspaper where Karen Page now works).

Typing in the numbers in the upper-left corner of the teaser into your browser - - takes you to their website. It's still 'under construction', but does contain the message "Watch Marvel’s The Defenders All Episodes Streaming Only on Netflix August 18.”

Are you excited for The Defenders? Let us know down in the comments.

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