Marvel's The Defenders: Every Character Confirmed So Far

The Defenders will finally assemble this year, and they're bringing along a few friends.

The Defenders

Four years in the making, Marvel's The Defenders will finally assemble on Netflix this summer.

The miniseries, which hits on August 18, is the result of a hugely ambitious project, an attempt at recreating the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the small-screen that has led to five seasons of television across four different shows, all building to this epic crossover event.

It'll pick up on strands from the various seasons of the Netflix Marvel Universe so far, and setup others for further standalone adventures, bringing together the four main heroes, a number of supporting characters, and a few new characters as well.

It promises to be very big, packing a lot into its eight episodes, and there are likely to be more casting announcements to come (those rumours of a Punisher cameo won't be going away anytime soon), but we do already know a lot of characters who have been confirmed.

17. Danny Rand

Danny Rand Iron Fist

Confirmed By: Being one of the four Defenders.

Plot Predictions: After discovering that K'un-Lun has gone AWOL at the end of Iron Fist's first season, Danny Rand will be back in New York, presumably trying to figure out just what the hell has happened, and what the Hand are up to.

That'll be the trail that leads him to Midland Circle, the offices where the Defenders will meet for the first time. As the Sworn Enemy of the Hand, he'll have an obvious stake against them, but should also serve as the more lighthearted member of the team. There's a lot of seriousness between the other three, so Danny can play something akin to the Hawkeye role here - though judging by the trailer, people don't take to him immediately.

Finn Jones has also said that we'll see him more at ease with life as a superhero, and have a lot of drive and try to get all of the others to work together. That does make sense, as he's the one most open to teamwork, and the one most in need of it. We should also get a solid relationship built between him and Luke Cage, at least nodding to their Heroes for Hire comic book history.

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