Marvel's The Punisher: What Does The Ending Really Mean?

9. The Ending

The Punisher Frank Castle

After defeating Rawlins and just about recovering from his injuries, it's finally time for a proper head-on collision between Frank Castle and his old war buddy Billy Russo.

After a shooting at Curtis' home, the pair arrange to meet and settle things once and for all, going back to the place it all began: the carousel. Billy, however, has one more trick up his sleeve, taking hostage two young workers in the park and putting them between himself and Frank.

While they are used as a distraction, it's ultimately not enough, and the hail of bullets - including one taken to the head by Dinah Madani - turns to a knife fight. Frank, as you'd expect, gets the upper hand and rather than kill Billy, decides to show him true pain, smashing his face into glass and repeatedly rubbing it into the broken shards, completely tearing apart his once handsome features.

From there we have a relatively quick roundup of what happens next: Madani lives, and is recovering in hospital; Russo lives too, just about, but what recovery he'll make is unknown; the CIA conspiracy is wrapped-up; Micro goes back to his family; Frank joins Curtis' veterans group and finally opens up. It's a nice, quiet resolution to a loud series and ties up a number of loose ends, but also leaves plenty on the table for the future.

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