Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 2: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

The Punisher was great, but...


After the long-awaited and deeply enjoyable team-up audiences got in the Defenders, fans have been vying for a new season of, by now, old favourites—starting with the tough as nails P.I, with super strength only secondary to her skills as a detective, the street-smart superhero Jessica Jones.

This marks the return one of the best, if not the best series among the Netflix Marvel shows, standing as the most grounded, grittiest, and least campy of all of them, even with a super-powered protagonist. After mysterious ninjas and magic fists and colourful, costumed villains, her return will be a breath of fresh air, bringing audiences back to her film noir style storytelling, intriguing plot lines, and mysteries to solve alongside the harrowed heroine.

With questions and plot threads left unanswered from the first season just waiting to be explored, season two is sure to be a bumpy ride, with Jessica's origins and the aftermath of her fight with Kilgrave weighing heavy on her super-powered shoulders. From Kilgrave's return to the trailer teasing Jessica finally discovering the origin of her superpowers and the dangerous secrets they come with, this is one Marvel show fans absolutely cannot miss.


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