Marvel's The Punisher: 9 Reasons It's A Disappointment

9. Incoherrent Storytelling


The Punisher doesn't need Emmy-worthy writing, but it would be nice if the show could stay coherent at all times.

In the tenth episode of The Punisher, Virtue of the Vicious, we see an attack on a hotel room from three different character perspectives. And being honest, three points of view in a single episode are two too many. Worse, the choice of flashing forward/backwards throughout the episode pulls viewers out of the action. The result is a jumble of scenes that make up an hour of action rather than forming a coherent episode.

The biggest shame is that this particular outing should have been one of the season's high points.

Virtue of the Vicious is not alone when it comes to incoherent storytelling, however. The previous episode, Front Toward Enemy (taken from the M18 Claymoore mine), also suffers. Here, you have a radio talkshow debate between journalist and Castle ally Karen Page and an anti-gun Senator which feels tacked on to cash in on real-life current events.

Then there's Col. Morty Bennett (Andrew Polk). Part of a conspiracy to ship heroin out of Afghanistan, the Colonel apparently has a submissive streak, and dines with a dominatrix. Yet despite his familiarity with her, she's somehow in on a plot that uses Bennett as bait - a point never touched on again.


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