Marvel's The Punisher Trailer Breakdown: 8 Things You Need To See

The one-eyed man is actually a major villain...

Although we're all heavily preoccupied with The Defenders this weekend, Netflix pulled a blinder yesterday and dropped a brand new teaser for their next series, The Punisher, and it looks fairly spectacular.

At fifty seconds long it's not particularly forthcoming with any heavy plot details, but there's plenty in there to dissect, including the many, many references it makes to the character's past. That, and we may have just been given our first look at the show’s main villain, so everything’s coming up Castle, clearly.

Before we get into the ins and outs of the trailer, it’s important to remember that The Punisher was, of course, a clear highlight from the second season of Daredevil, and so it makes sense that fans are feeling really excited about his solo series debut. It’s expected to drop sometime this autumn, and with Jon Bernthal having nailed the character first time around, it would make sense to expect the trend to continue.

The Punisher has long cut a divisive figure in the medium, but one thing that everyone should, ideally, be able to agree on is that this trailer - with its flashbacks, gunshots and skulls a plenty - was a mighty fine one indeed.

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