Mayans MC: 6 Sons Of Anarchy Characters That Should Appear (And 5 That Shouldn’t)

The spin-off needs some familiar faces. Just not, y'know, too many. 


Set to take television by storm if history is any indication, Mayans MC is the first Sons of Anarchy spin-off to hit the airwaves.

Focused on the Mayans Motorcycle Club, even though that group was seen in several SOA episodes this new show will feature an all-new main character, Ezekiel "EZ" Reyes.

Despite that, longtime fans of the franchise should be excited to know that Emilio Rivera will also be one of the leads, reprising his role as Marcus Álvarez. Proof positive that at least one memorable Sons of Anarchy character will be a big part of the show, fans should fully expect there to be others.

However, if Mayans MC continues to go down the road of bringing in Sons of Anarchy characters that could be really exciting or simply awful. After all, even though SOA clearly was enjoyed by a lot of people there are several recurring characters that could be accurately described as hated by the vast majority of even ardent fans. On the other hand, there certainly were some pretty beloved characters from that show that never bit the dust and would be a joy to see again.


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