Mayans MC: Every Sons Of Anarchy Character Who Has Appeared (So Far)

From a lovable Scotsman to a fallen queen, these are all the familiar faces who've shown up to date.


Through seven seasons between 2008 and 2014, fans tagged along with the Sons of Anarchy through all their highs and lows before the series rode off into the sunset. Four years later, creator Kurt Sutter (along with Elgin James) ventured back into the world he'd created with Mayans M.C., which took the action away from Charming and down to the border city of Santa Padre.

With a whole new cast of characters and a heavy focus on the world of the Galindo cartel, there's little doubt that the show has taken strides to not feel like a complete rehash of its predecessor, for better or worse. Despite that though, after two seasons - and with a third now on the way - it hasn't shied away from the larger world it's a part of, having featured the return of a handful of familiar faces from the original series.

Now that the follow-up show's second season is behind us, let's run down all the Sons of Anarchy characters who've resurfaced in Mayans M.C. to date, though be warned, as there's major spoilers abound for both shows...


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