MCU: Every Netflix Marvel Season Ranked Worst To Best

13. Jessica Jones: Season 2


It's not controversial to say that the first season of Jessica Jones remains one of the most acclaimed entries to come out of the Netflix/Marvel partnership. The cast was solid, the storytelling was great, and the overall fresh, unique tone went a long way in differentiating itself from its predecessor - the first season of Daredevil - in a way that made it hard not to be excited for its inevitable second season.

For that very reason, the fact that season two - which released in 2018 - failed to even come close to the bar set by season one made it all the more disappointing. It could be argued that of all the shows, Jones' second season suffered most from the 13 episode stretch, which has been a common critical complaint over the years, as the first season's laserlike focus was replaced by a meandering narrative that felt needlessly padded out.

Barring one great appearance, Kilgrave's absence from the series was truly felt, as there's a void in the second season that the show didn't even attempt to fill.

Even lingering threads from season one - like Will Simpson - ended up going to waste so that the season could stretch out Jessica and her mother's story or give more screentime to Hogarth's disconnected subplot, and though the cast was still great with what they were given, it simply wasn't enough, the highly anticipated follow-up to a beloved first season committing one of the worst sins: Simply being boring.


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