Orange Is The New Black: 6 Reasons It's Netflix's Best Original Series

The animals, the animals...


As Netflix continues to make more and more original series, from Marvel shows to quirky comedies to starry dramas, it'd be easy to overlook one of the series that helped start it all.

Orange is the New Black debuted back in the summer of 2013, just months of House of Cards, and was an instant success with fans and critics alike, racking up a number of award nominations and wins.

With so many other series now competing with it though, it could have become the forgotten child. With subscribers going crazy for Daredevil and Stranger Things, and the likes of Master of None becoming the service's new critical darling, the hype waned for Orange is the New Black.

Thankfully, however, the quality never did. Indeed, the series goes from strength-to-strength and, after three fantastic seasons, the fourth was its harshest, most heartbreaking, and yes, best one yet. Now Season 5 is here, going even darker still, and attempting to raise the bar once again.

The show has always been brilliant, but that's never been more obvious than it is right now, and no other show on Netflix can really compete: they each might offer either humour, high stakes, dark drama, or complex characters, but you get all of that and more with OITNB, and here's a breakdown of why it deserves to be called the best of Netflix's many great original series.

Contains spoilers for Seasons 1-4, but not Season 5.


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