The landscape of television has changed inordinately since the launch of Netflix, HBO GO, and other streaming entities (not to mention the initial release of television as DVD boxsets).

Thanks to those mentioned, someone who missed the run of Lost can now watch all 6 seasons at their leisure, or can catch-up on Breaking Bad before the final season airs on August 11th.

Netflix’s decision to make a whole season available at once of their original programming was controversial and groundbreaking. When House of Cards “premiered” in January, viewers were able to watch it as quickly or slowly as they chose.

The term “binge watching” has been floating around more and more and the conversation is intriguing. Is it better to binge watch shows vs. the traditional format of one episode a week?

Here I’m going to examine three pros and three cons of marathoning a series.

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This article was first posted on August 3, 2013