Riverdale: 10 Burning Questions That Must Be Answered In Season 2

Small-town America exposed.

The CW

The CW's Riverdale takes place in a naive, alternate reality, where things are supposed to be much simpler, but are in fact way more creepier than they appear. The series is dark, edgy and extremely... camp, which makes watching it a guilty pleasure for anyone over the age of 18. And yet it has this unbelievable charm of small-town America, which makes the show captivating and simply fun.

The first season was filled with mysteries and secrets, with presumably much more to come in the much longer second season. Based on Archie comics, the series wasn't particularly faithful to its source material, which made it also enjoyable for the people who've never read about the adventures of the world-famous ginger.

Set to premiere on the 11th of October this year, the second season will have more episodes than the first (expanded to 22). With every main character either facing an important decision or a serious obstacle, there's a lot to wait for and even more to expect from the next season, and it has a lot of questions to answer and mysteries to unfold.


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