Salt Lake Comic Con 2013

Early last Saturday morning, I found myself standing in line on 200 W in Salt Lake City.  I was next to a Starfleet officer and wearing my favorite Darth Vader Star Was Framed shirt.  We were passed by Wolverine, steampunk afficionados, guys with Chewbacca backpacks and the crew of Serenity.  One person, chatting amiably with a dead ringer for Martin Freeman’s version of Bilbo Baggins, puzzled myself, my Starfleet friend and her Brony brother.  He was wearing a cloak and a crown of leaves and…yellow rain galoshes?  Eventually, I called out “Hey there, ho there, Tom Bombadillo!” and he turned to give me a thumbs-up.

And that was just before we got into the convention itself.

Inside, I got the Witch King of Angmar to turn for a picture by yelling “I am no man!”  I saw about 20 different versions of the 11th Doctor, most of them with fezzes, all of them with bowties.  Some of them had mummies dressed as River Song, which was a mind-bender in itself.  There was a curious addiction to Deadpool cosplay.  I joked that you couldn’t dress as GLaDOS until I found a woman in an Aperture Science lab coat and a helmet in the shape of the killer computer from Portal.

This year was the first Salt Lake Comic Con, done in the style of San Diego, but a block away from the city’s famous Temple Square.  The Facebook page was constantly being updated with new featured and spotlighted guests.  Most of them were people whose career I had to explain to my parents, but some were so big that my mother had even heard of them.

So here I am to give you some delicious details about this massive undertaking.

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This article was first posted on September 15, 2013