Sherlock: 6 Reasons It Needs To End (And 4 Reasons It Should Come Back)

Are we still Sherlocked?

Sherlock End Continue

Sherlock's long-awaited fourth season came to an end in the appropriately titled The Final Problem. As is usual for the show, the finale resulted in one question resting on everyone's lips. This time, it wasn't to do with how Sherlock faked his death or if Moriarty is alive, the question was: is that the end of the show?

As the cast and crew of the series have extensively discussed, they decided to engineer this season as a possible end for the show in the event that it turns out to be the last one. By all accounts, the team's enthusiasm to make more is still there but everyone involved is so busy these days they are not sure they can get back together to do it. In other words, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are contracted for too many Marvel movies.

As it was, the final moments of The Final Problem saw Sherlock and John effectively running off into the sunset - either into the annals of TV history never to be seen again, or into fresh adventures to be shown in season five.

So should Sherlock call it quits? Or is there life in the old detective yet? Let's look at both sides of the argument...

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