Sherlock Season 4: 20 Easter Eggs & References In 'The Final Problem'

12. James Bond Connections


Sherlock has been accused of becoming more James Bond and less Sherlock Holmes in recent episodes, but The Final Problem was perhaps the most Bondian yet. Two plot points, in particular, heavily recalled the two most recent films to star 007.

Firstly, the image of Sherlock's mansion of a childhood home burning down is heavily reminiscent of a similar scene in 2013 James Bond film Skyfall. Just like in The Final Problem, we the audience finally discover the hero's secret past when the action returns to his destroyed house.

Sherlock having a secret evil sibling also brings to mind the revelation in 2015's Spectre that - spoilers - Christoph Waltz' Blofeld is really Bond's bitter half-brother. Both Eurus and Blofeld were also consorting with their brother's enemies behind the scenes.

At least Eurus never said "It's me, Sherlock, the author of all your pain!"

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