Sherlock Season 4 Finale: 13 Dumbest Moments From 'The Final Problem'

This isn't torture, this is vivisection.


After two years of waiting for a new run of Sherlock to come around, just like that it's gone again. And this time perhaps for good.

Was it worth the wait? Well, no. Although Series 4 provided some good moments and interesting ideas, mostly in second episode The Lying Detective, it largely continued the show's downward curve.

Moving further away from the well-written, super intelligent detective show it started out as, it's gone further into Tumblr-baiting, fan-servicing, Bond-esque nonsense, and all of that was encapsulated in the finale, The Final Problem.

Picking up after last week's twist-within-twist-within-twist cliffhanger, the episode puts the focus on Sherlock's sister Eurus, their relationship (or lack thereof, and why), and begins a dangerous game that encompasses a little girl on a plane, Sherlock's dead dog, and, of course, the 'return' of Jim Moriarty.

What it resulted in was, sadly, a complete, incoherent mess of an episode. From the horror film opening to the very end, these are the dumbest moments from what may be the last ever Sherlock episode.

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